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PUPPY SOCIALISATION  from 8 weeks, FREE  for pups  under 11 week old.  Puppy  Training. Dog training. All ages.

Introduction session. Without dogs. £10.

 Courses. Max  4  dogs. Back up video links.

One to One’s. Tailored to your  dogs needs.

Ringcraft / Body awareness /   Cavaletti

 Trick Certificates and much more.

Home Visits. To give pups the right start in life in the comfort of your own home.

Photo Service. FREE photo shoot for Handmade greeting cards £1.50 or photos.  A.P.D.T. - U.K.  &  A.B.T.C. Registered.

No check chains, extending leads or flip-flop shoes. No refunds. In special circumstances alternative training may be offered.  No bitches in season.

   Snuffle mats and balls from £5.