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PUPPY SOCIALISATION   FREE  for pups  under 11 week old. £7 slightly older.

 Talks. Without dogs. (Useful before and after getting your pup. ).  £10 for whole family.  Handouts  & free samples. 12 Feb Wed 7pm

 7 weeks course.  4  dogs per course. Back up video links to every session. £70.

 One to One’s. Tailored to your  dogs needs.  Sundays  available. Prices  from £16.50.

 Body awareness /Gym /Cavaletti /Manners/

Trick Certificates and much more.

Home Visits. To give pups the right start  in the comfort of your own home. £40 local.

 Photo Service. FREE photo shoot to purchase   Handmade greeting cards or photos.

 A.P.D.T. - U.K.  &  A.B.T.C. Registered.

 No check chains, extending leads or flip-flop shoes. No  refunds.  No bitches in season.  All pre-pay.